Chemicals, Buffers, Substrates

About Chemicals, Buffers and Substrates
BIOREBA offers a wide range of Chemicals, Buffers and Substrates for ELISA applications.
Bulk chemicals for coating buffer
Bulk chemicals for PBST (washing buffer)
Bulk chemicals for different use (BSA, PVP, Diethanolamine, Egg albumin, TRIS, MgCL2, NaCl, Urea)
Coating buffer
Conjugate buffer
Substrate buffer
Washing buffer
Extraction buffer
pNPP blister-packed tablets
pNPP bulk tablets
pNPP bulk powder

Art. Nr.: 110110
Quantity unit:50 tabl.

Art. Nr.: 110112
Quantity unit:2 tabl.

Art. Nr.: 110111
Quantity unit:10 tabl.

Art. Nr.: 700100
Quantity unit:1 kg

Art. Nr.: 700110
Quantity unit:75 g

Art. Nr.: 5461.1000
Quantity unit:1 kg

Art. Nr.: 5461.250
Quantity unit:250 g

Art. Nr.: 110122
Quantity unit:500 ml

Art. Nr.: 110124
Quantity unit:500 ml