Extraction Bags

About BIOREBA's Extraction Bags
Our homogenizing system includes four different extraction bags, with or without a synthetic intermediate layer:
- Extraction bags <Universal> 12 x 15 cm
- Extraction bags <Universal-U-form> 12 x 15 cm
- Extraction bags <Universal-Long> 15 x 28 cm
- Extraction bags <Long> 15 x 40 cm
BIOREBA extraction bags are ideal for tissue extraction to be used in ELISA and PCR.
Ordering information:
Standard packaging size: 10 x 100 units
1 Pack10 x 100 units (total 1000 units)
2 Pack20 x 100 units (total 2000 units)
3 Pack30 x 100 units (total 3000 units)
4 Pack40 x 100 units (total 4000 units)
5 Pack50 x 100 units (total 5000 units)
The characteristics of BIOREBA extraction bags are:
- Optimal sampling and sample preparation (samples can be labeled and stored)
- Optimal homogenization
- Optimal filtration of the plant extracts (bags with synthetic intermediate layer)
- Optimal recovery of the plant sap
- No cross-contamination between test samples
- Optimal for homogenizing with our HOMEX system
- Suitable for homogenizing leaves, sprouts, roots, seeds, woody samples, sieved soil

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