Potato DNA/RNA Rapid Extraction

About Rapid Extraction
The potato DNA/ RNA rapid extraction set is designed for phytodiagnostic use. It enables rapid and easy extraction of DNA and RNA from potato tuber and leaf samples. The extraction requires the use of two buffers only. Time consuming processing steps are eliminated. An especially cost efficient advantage is that the Potato DNA/ RNA rapid extraction set requires no expensive machines. 
Advantages of BIOREBA Rapid Extraction
Fast extraction in 30 minutes only
Easy to use: only 5 steps
Optimized for potato samples
No specialised machines are needed
Room temperature storage and shipment
Total nucleic acids – extracts DNA and RNA in one procedure
Validated and accredited method according to ISO / IEC 17025
Extracted nucleic acids can be used for diagnostic tests such as real time PCR and PCR macroarray
For pools of up to 25 potato samples
Assays for viruses, bacteria and fungi
Potato Rapid extraction

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